The Soul Alchemists

The Soul Alchemists is a “members only” club.  Using music to bridge the gap of my East & West cultures has been a passion of mine. I want to be a positive image of Sudan for the West & a positive image of Baltimore for the East, all through the power of music. I can't tell you how excited I am about using this platform to make it happen.  It has always taken three things to make great art: a strong motivation, an artist to do it, and patrons to help make it happen.  It's the oldest equation in the world, & allows us to do it in the most modern & simplest way.  
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Being from my part of the world, I can’t help but be attracted to Deserts. I think of my career as a journey in a vast mystical muse desert. Every song is a step deeper into this beautiful quest. My musical path, like a desert, is long, not always easy, & you can lose your way if you aren’t focused.

My accomplishments are like Oases, where I rejuvenate myself physically, mentally, & spiritually, to help me continue my journey. That is only possible, by the noble people who greet me there, The Soul Alchemists.

In my travels the soul gets as weary as the body, I am used to the harshness of the road, but it is my soul that provides me the energy & creativity to keep going. I am grateful for the generosity of The Soul Alchemists that I’ve met, who have helped me make my dream come true, converted my doubts into confidence, & directed me to my next Oasis.

As my Soul Alchemist, I will share with you:
My past, present, & future songs.
The stories & reasons behind the songs.
Exclusive material for the Soul Alchemists ONLY.
Early demos.
Members Only Videos.
Early releases.
& the list will continue to grow.
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The Soul Alchemists are my compass, my companions, & together everything is possible.
Thank you so much for your time & support
I would be honored to have you as my Soul Alchemist.
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Much Love from the always grateful,
Mosno Al-Moseeki

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